Avocados - SIO Complete (Snaps)

Avocados - SIO Complete (Snaps)
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SIO Complete =  One Size Cover + SIO basic START

A value pack of One Size Cover + SIO basic START, that saves you 10,90 EUR compared to purchase of single products. With a playful Avocado pattern, you get the best that the Petit Lulu brand has to offer! Try a unique cloth solution from a Czech brand that has been producing eco-friendly nappies using premium materials since 2012.

One-Size Cover 

  • 5 - 16 kg according to child’s proportions

  • waterproof but breathable

  • can be adjusted to Small, Medium, and Large size thanks to the 3 rows of snaps

  • snaps are underlaid by suedecloth and second PUL layer- this prolongs the product lifespan

  • the fleece hems are very sensitive to a child’s legs and tummy - no marks on the skin

  • the fleece is also a great insulator - no leaking

  • the outter patterned layer is made of recycled PUL, eco friendly

Material: 100% recycled polyester (laminated with polyurethane), fleece hem


Learn more about maintenance.


SIO basic START  is a special nappy insert consisting of a base (SIO basic) and an attachable Short Insert (SIO). 

  • you simply attach the SIO basic START to One Size Cover (by snaps) and you get an All-in-One nappy

  • suitable for babies of 4 - 15 kgs,  according to child’s proportions

  • for newborns to approx. 6 months olds, you can only use a folded base (SIO basic), which fits even to our Newborn Covers 

  • once you need to boost the base absorbency, you attach Short Insert (SIO) which is already part of SIO basic START

  • is very absorbent


SIO basic  - 60% viscose (bamboo), 40% cotton (organic) (4 layers)

START - Short Insert (SIO) 

Faceside and underside : 60% viscose (bamboo), 40% cotton (organic)  

Fill : 80% cotton, 20% polyester You simply attach SIO basic START  to One Size Cover (by snaps) and you get an All-in-One nappy.


Learn more about maintenance.

Size5-16 kg