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Comfort Face Mask 2 Pack size L - optional patterns

Comfort Face Mask 2 Pack size L - optional patterns - Turquoise Batik

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Comfort Petit Lulu face masks - set of 2 pcs

This is a set of 2 pieces of a unique Petit Lulu face mask from knitwear (95% cotton, 5% elastane). This material is elastic and precisely cut to the ears and therefore no elastic bands are needed. 

The mask is very comfortable, soft ear loops eliminate pressure to the ears and thanks to the elastic material it adheres tightly to the face. Nose wire keeps the mask in a place and prevents glasses from fogging up. T

he one - layer mask is ideal for sports or walks in the countryside and it’s well breathable. The nanomaterial or nonwoven filter can be placed under this mask.   

How to choose the correct size?

Measure the distance from the ear hole to the top of your nose:

Size S - approx. 14,5 - 14,99 cm - teenagers, adults 

Size M - approx. 15 - 15,99 cm - women, men with smaller heads 

Size L - approx. 16 - 17 cm - men      

Mask care: The mask should not be worn for longer than 3 hours. It is necessary to sterilize it in a boiling water or by ironing every day. The Face Masks  cannot be returned or replaced from hygienic reasons..

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