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Cotton Muslin Squares 10 Pack

Cotton Muslin Squares 10 Pack

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Orders are shipped within 24 hours !

Heavy-Weight Cotton Muslin Squares

Size: 70 x 70 cm

Colour: White

Weight: 69 gsm

Pcs in package: 10

Material: 100% cotton

Manufacturer: LTZ Libštát s.r.o., Czech Republic Awards: NAPPY OF THE YEAR 2012

Motto: “Generations of babies had the opportunity to try and test the quality of nappies from Libštát.”

The heavy-weight extra quality nappies from Libštát are made from high quality long thread cotton yarn. Thanks to the used material, the weaving technology utilizing hollow fabric and increased weight the nappies have outstanding characteristics and provide maximum comfort to children. The 2 firm woven edges, taken in and stitched through, actively prevent shape changes caused by washing and increase mechanical strength of the nappy throughout its use. Resistance to boiling sterilization and ironing is a matter of course. When treated correctly, they hold their shape and stay extra white. The traditional 100% cotton tetra nappies dry considerably quicker compared to other would-be modernized nappies produced using modified technologies with various added fibres or altered final refinement. High absorbency, softness, firmness and long life – these are all characteristics of the traditional extra quality nappies that you will appreciate when changing your baby till they start “sitting” on the potty. Thanks to the above characteristics, they easily meet all the requirements related to maintenance and hygienic wholesomeness laid down by Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic No. 84/2001 Coll., on Hygiene Requirements for Toys and Products for Children up to 3 Years of Age.

Thanks to its size and quality, the nappy provides for other uses as well. For example, it can be used to cover a baby changing mat, scales at the doctor’s, it can be put under the baby’s head after breastfeeding for the baby to burp, as a bib that catches everything when feeding your baby as well as a poultice for different health issues... Recommendations: Extend your baby layette by other products of LTZ Libštát s.r.o. In the first months of your baby’s life, we recommend washing and wiping the baby with fibre that has as few twists as possible. Cotton tetra towels and washcloths are the best choice. Chose white or patterned ones. Tip: Preheat the towel, so that drying is the most pleasant moment of your baby’s bath. Nappies from Libštát – currently the only nappies made in the Czech Republic “from the first thread”. Nappies with a tradition of over 100 years.

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