Floral Cubes - Nappy Bag

Floral Cubes - Nappy Bag
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Nappy Bag - Floral Cubes

You can easily match the two-size waterproof Nappy Bag with a geometric pattern with our other products in the same print. Above all, it is practical! You can use it for nappies, but also it's possible to fill it with wrung out swimsuits, clothes, cosmetics, etc.  

  • can be used in 2 sizes. Simply adjustable by 2 snaps.

  • small (e.g. for two nappies) or big (for up to 6 nappies). 

  • practical loop handle with one snap to be fixed e.g. on the pram, bathroom heating, etc.

  • multi-purpose bag - after the “nappy season”- you can use it for wrung out swimsuits, wet clothes, cosmetics, etc.

  • approx. 30 x 45 cm

  • made of recycled PUL that save the nature
  • 100% recycled polyester (laminated with polyurethane)

 Attention! PUL is not an impermeable material, so if you put inside soaked items, it may get damp.


Learn more about maintenance.

Size30 x 45 cm