Go Green - Newborn Cover

Go Green - Newborn Cover
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Newborn Nappy Covers - Go Green 

Zero waste since birth? No problem! A powerful way to live more sustainably is to use cloth nappies and covers from Petit Lulu. When you choose the Go Green pattern, there will be no doubt that you are thinking of our planet!  

  • waterproof, but breathable cover/wrap (2 - 6 kg according to child’s proportions)

  • can be adjusted to child’s size by Hook & Loop fastening

  • the fleece hems are very sensitive to a child’s legs and tummy - no marks on the skin - the fleece is also a great insulator - no leaking

  • medium-wide shape

  • made of recycled PUL that save the nature
  • suitable for squares,prefolds, newborn nappies, one-size nappies at the smallest size, or folded SIO basic

 Material: 100% recycled polyester (laminated with polyurethane), fleece hem.


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