Ladybirds in the Meadow - Cloth pad ULTRA (CLASSIC) - Cloth pad ULTRA 1 pc

Ladybirds in the Meadow - Cloth pad ULTRA (CLASSIC)
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Cloth Pad ULTRA - CLASSIC - Ladybirds in the Meadow - 1pc

Even when using women's hygiene products, we can be kind to nature and to our own bodies! In addition, the ladybug pattern will light up your routine feminine days.

  • approx. 27 cm / 7 cm (length / soaker width)

  • suitable for moderate incontinence, puerperium, heavy period days, and for average nighttime menstrual cycle

  • made of certified materials for children

  • thanks to the water-repellent layer of fleece, the inserts are extremely breathable

  • extra soft

  • zero waste product

Cloth pad absorbency chart


Soaker (without wings) : 

80% cotton, 20% polyester (4 layers)

95% cotton (organic), 5% elastane (1 layer)

Outer protective layer: 100% polyester (fleece)  

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