Lagoon - Minimal Nappy

Lagoon - Minimal Nappy
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Minimal Nappy (EC Nappy, Training Nappy) are easy-to-use covers for babies of about 5-13 kg.

The nappy can be adjusted by snaps and by knot on an elastic band around the tummy.  

The nappy works great as a safety-catcher not only for EC (Elimination Communication) babies.

It is great also for babies that are just about to say goodbye to nappies.

This nappy is very popular especially in summer days.

It is not recommendable for sleep-time. 

Material: 100% recycled polyester (laminated with polyurethane), fleece hem.

We recommend buying also our Long Insert for Minimal Nappy with 2 snaps for perfect fit. We offer them individually or in Packs of 6 pcs.

Minimum number of Inserts needed is 3.

NOTE: the Long Insert for Minimal Nappy is not part of this product.


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