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Let's give PET bottles a second chance! Recycled PUL!


Say goodbye to plastic waste! Our PUL is made of recycled material. Two PET bottles are recycled in one diaper. And that's enough to get rid of a lot of plastic on the planet!

Recycling is the right way to give new life to plastic waste! PET bottles represent about 75% of all plastics. But now a lot of them end up in recycling packages. They are transformed to new PET bottles, or into fibers, which other materials are made. And then into other new products, our nappies for example. So we can transform the old and the unnecessary into the new and the useful.

What are we coming up with?

Petit Lulu comes with a whole new line of recycled PUL, 7 new playful patterns. In the collection you will find all types of Nappy covers, but also SIO Complete, or changing mats and diaper bags. Gradually, we will switch to recycled PUL for all patterned Nappy covers.So with Petit Lulu, you can be sure that you are doing everything for a better world and the future of our children.

New collection of recycled PUL you can find HERE.

Let's give PET bottles a second chance! Recycled PUL!
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