Minimal Nappies and Bibs - New Designs!


Learning to Potty or first Feeding could be frustrating. Especially in the cases when your baby doesn't play along. Every parent knows these situations. That is why we try to make the everyday routine at least a little bit more fun for everyone!

We came up with new designs of Minimal Nappies and popular Bibs. Minimal Nappies are a great for use for EC babies but also when your baby learns to use a Potty. They work as an amazing safeguard.

Our Bibs are of an everyday help when your baby starts to use a spoon! They are suitable for babies from 3 months and make a fantastic present.

With Minimal Nappies andd Bibs in New Designs you will enjoy every moment with your baby.

Minimal Nappies and Bibs - New Designs!
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