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Polar Bears - Abduction Pants - S (Hook & Loop)
Polar Bears - Abduction Pants - S (Hook & Loop)
Polar Bears - Abduction Pants - S (Hook & Loop)

Polar Bears - Abduction Pants - S (Hook & Loop)

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Pants for healthy development of the hip joints by Petit Lulu are designed to be a technologically functional and effective alternative to the so-called "wide wrap". Orthopaedists recommend using wide wraps as a preventive measure in cases of incorrect hip development. It is a device to help your baby's correct hip development, not a nappy.

Pants for wide wrapping

- Design of the pants and the firm construction of the liner help to keep the hips in the correct position

- Recommended for physiological immaturity of the hip sockets or as a prevention against hip dysplasia

- Easy maintenance (the insert can be easily removed from the pocket and the pants washed)

- Very easy to use compared to wide wrapping

- Quick-drying and breathable

- Very fine jersey cotton fabric

- Thanks to the special design they are extremely comfortable for the baby

- Available in playful patterns

- Perfect for those who are only considering starting with cloth nappies

- Do not contain an absorbent layer and thus cannot be used as substitution for a nappy

- The material is certified to be safe for children under the age of three

- Best worn over clothes, e.g. pantyhose or onesies

- Come in sizes S and M

- Available with Hook&loop or Snaps fastening

- High material and production quality

- Produced in Czech republic

95% cotton, 5% elastane

100% polyester

Important note! The liner must be removed prior to washing the pants!

Size3-6 kg
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