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Popolini Liners 100% biodegradable (Cellulose + viscose) 120 sheets

Popolini Liners 100% biodegradable (Cellulose + viscose) 120 sheets

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Soft and firm 100% biodegradable liners supplied in a roll, especially suitable for thin breastfed baby poo. Insert between baby's bottom and cloth nappy. Peed liners can be washed and reused, soiled ones can be safely disposed of in the bin.

100% biodegradable nappy liners help to catch poo and make it easy to remove. It can also be used as cleaning- or wet wipe.

It is compatible with any of our cloth nappy systems and it protects the material from coarse dirtiness.

  • Environmentally friendly thanks to special 100% biologically degradable composition
  • Hygienic
  • Binding agent-free
  • Lint-free
  • Absorbent
  • High level of tear resistancy

Place the liner as a top layer into the nappy. During nappy changes, simply remove the dirty liner into the bin if soiled. The liner can be also washed and reused several times if it's been peed into only.

Packaging: 120 liners in a roll

Liner lize: 16 cm x 28 cm (6" x 11")

51% cellulose, 49% viscose

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