Robots - One Size Prefold Cover (Hook & Loop)

Robots - One Size Prefold Cover (Hook & Loop)
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Prefold Covers

Practical Petit Lulu Prefold Covers with pockets in playful designs will be loved by all  parents who care about the maximum comfort of their children throughout the day and night. 

With the simple insertion of a prefold in the pocket, nappy changing is a flexible and easy matter.   

- lightly adjustable size using snaps  (5-16 kg)

- the same shape and size as ours one-size classic covers

- easy and quick nappy changing, thanks to simple insertion of prefold into the pocket

- front and back flaps for inserts

- waterproof but breathable material, suitable even for children prone to dermatitis

- soft fleece hem for maximum comfort, that prevents flow and moisture

- medium width cut with practical pocket 

- allows inserting of all kinds of prefolds (prefolds, Muslin square, inserts not included - easy maintenance, fast drying

- because of variable size it is a very economic option

- Czech product   

Material: 100% polyester (laminated with polyurethane), fleece hem  


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