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Turquoise Cars ON WHITE - Wool Cover - Large - LIMITED OFFER
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Turquoise Cars ON WHITE - Wool Cover - Large - LIMITED OFFER
Turquoise Cars ON WHITE - Wool Cover - Large - LIMITED OFFER

Turquoise Cars ON WHITE - Wool Cover - Large - LIMITED OFFER

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Orders are shipped within 24 hours !
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Turquoise Cars ON WHITE background - Wool Cover - Large - LIMITED OFFER

A very breathable nappy cover suitable for whole-day-use and especially nighttime, because it really does not leak when maintained properly.

- merino wool is naturally antibacterial and thus does not retain odours

- ideal even for babies with very sensitive skin

- Its excellent moisture regulation prevents nappy rash

- two layers of merino wool with extra third layer in the wettest zone between the legs to boost the absorbency

- for highest baby’s comfort, the seams are sewn outward so they don’t rub inside, no marks on the skin

- the merino wool waistband is gentle to the baby’s legs and tummy

- medium-wide shape

- suitable primarily over fitted nappies, but can work with squares or prefolds, too (when fastened by snappi)

- it is easy to put on – even on a very active child.


Size Weight Waist Girth Thigh Girth Rise*
Small ca. 6-10 kg 30-46 cm 17-28 cm 53 cm
Medium ca. 9-13 kg 34-52 cm 22-36 cm 55 cm
Large ca. 12-16 kg 40-58 cm 25-38 cm 57 cm

* Rise is including the waistband

Material: 100% merino wool (incl. the waistbands)

The wool cover is made of 100% merino wool and so needs very gentle maintenance.

It needs to be washed and lanolized properly before first use - lanolin is what helps the wool become waterproof.

Since lanolized wool has an amazing self-cleaning ability, you can just let the cover air dry between uses and if not soiled, wash every 2-3 weeks.

Lanolizing is less frequent - about every 4-6 weeks.

Learn more about maintenance.

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