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We expanded our warehouse!


We expanded our warehouse!

We have been struggling with a lack of space since the beginning of Petit Lulu's existence. As the children of our customers grow, so do we. And so does our offer. We are constantly developing new products, adding patterns.

In order to always satisfy our customers' orders on time and with no delays in shipping, the products are always ready for you. They wait for orders on the shelves in the warehouse. Those shelves are deeply needed!

Dispatch takes place directly from our warehouse. Our colleagues will unload the goods, wrap them into neat packages and prepare them for delivery to carriers who will deliver them not only throughout the country, but also through Europe and sometimes to distant countries almost at the end of the world.

Logistically it is not an easy matter. Therefore the warehouse is one of the most important departments of our company and that is why it needs to be perfectly organized. For that need we set aside another room and bought additional shelves. We spent days and days moving, everybody from our company contributed, even our seamstress. We kept stacking so persistently that we found ourselves running out of space again. Now we are thinking again about how we will expand our warehouse next year. But as we were on the stacking course already, we stacked this expanding process up to our inner thinking as well. :-)

We expanded our warehouse!
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