Wild Strawberries - SIO Complete (Snaps)

Wild Strawberries - SIO Complete (Snaps)
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SIO Complete =  One Size Cover + SIO basic START

A value pack of One Size Cover + SIO basic START saves you 10,90 EUR compared to purchasing single products. In the sweet Strawberry pattern, you get a combination of pretty product and the best quality. Take advantage of the waterproof but breathable One Size Cover, and unique properties of bamboo nappies with the highest absorbency on the market!

One-Size Cover 

  • 5 - 16 kg according to child’s proportions

  • waterproof but breathable

  • can be adjusted to Small, Medium, and Large size thanks to the 3 rows of snaps

  • snaps are underlaid by suedecloth and second PUL layer- this prolongs the product lifespan

  • the fleece hems are very sensitive to a child’s legs and tummy - no marks on the skin

  • the fleece is also a great insulator - no leaking

  • the outter patterned layer is made of recycled PUL, that save the nature

Material: 100% recycled polyester (laminated with polyurethane), fleece hem


Learn more about maintenance.


SIO basic START is a special nappy insert consisting of a base (SIO basic) and an attachable Short Insert (SIO). 

  • you simply attach the SIO basic START to One Size Cover (by snaps) and you get an All-in-One nappy

  • suitable for babies of 4 - 15 kgs,  according to child’s proportions

  • for newborns to approx. 6 months olds, you can only use a folded base (SIO basic), which fits even to our Newborn Covers 

  • once you need to boost the base absorbency, you attach Short Insert (SIO) which is already part of SIO basic START

  • is very absorbent


SIO basic  - 60% viscose (bamboo), 40% cotton (organic) (4 layers)

START - Short Insert (SIO) 

Faceside and underside : 60% viscose (bamboo), 40% cotton (organic)  

Fill : 80% cotton, 20% polyester You simply attach SIO basic START to One Size Cover (by snaps) and you get an All-in-One nappy.


Learn more about maintenance.

Size5-16 kg