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Nappy Prefolds

  • The prefold has really high absorbency. It has two absorbent layers. It can be used from birth to approx. 10 kg. Fixable by snappi fastener. It can be easily formed into an insert thanks to double quilting. Plus, they dry very well.
Beige PrefoldBeige Prefold

Beige Prefold

In Stock 26 pcs
12,90 EUR incl. VAT
Light Blue PrefoldLight Blue Prefold

Light Blue Prefold

In Stock 21 pcs
12,90 EUR incl. VAT
Pink PrefoldPink Prefold

Pink Prefold

In Stock 5 pcs
12,90 EUR incl. VAT
Green PrefoldGreen Prefold

Green Prefold

In Stock 8 pcs
12,90 EUR incl. VAT
8,7 €/pc
Prefold 3 Pack (For a Boy)Prefold 3 Pack (For a Boy)

Prefold 3 Pack (For a Boy)

In Stock 14 pcs
35,90 EUR incl. VAT
10,2 €/pc
Prefold 3 Pack (For a Girl)Prefold 3 Pack (For a Girl)

Prefold 3 Pack (For a Girl)

In Stock 11 pcs
35,90 EUR incl. VAT
8,7 €/pc
Prefold 3 Pack (Unisex)Prefold 3 Pack (Unisex)

Prefold 3 Pack (Unisex)

In Stock 24 pcs
35,90 EUR incl. VAT
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