What will I Need?

Basic Layette – What will I need for using cloth nappies ?

To manage changing without any stress, we’ve counted the following numbers for using cloth nappies in full:

  • approx. 24 pcs of absorbent nappy (can be SIO basic, Born to Potty, Prefold, …)
  • 3 – 5 pcs of waterproof Cover

Of course, if you tumble dry, you need less (however, we remind you that you shouldn’t tumble dry too often). Also, if you combine using cloth nappies with disposable nappies, you need less.

What will make your choice easier, it’s the list of our recommended sets (at a reduced price) where you can also find Value Pack&Kits  that will let you get hands-on experience with our products.

What you definitely shouldn’t miss out, it’s the nappy liners (disposable or fleece ones), waterproof changing mats and nappy bags. Breast-feeding mums will welcome our breast pads.