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Who We Are?

Lici and Lulas - Petit Lulu

Our story

It all began with the pregnancy of Mrs. Lucie Hladíková, the founder of the company. While being pregnant with her first son Vojta in 2012, she decided to hand-make some “gear” for him. At that time, there was significant lack of quality cloth diapers on the market. And because her first works turned out well, she posted a few of them on the Rather for fun than to make any profit. But the demand was tremendous and that is where the story of Petit Lulu began.

After some time, she started to devote to diaper making full-time. From the beginning, she had the support of her husband Lukáš, who left his job to create the image of the Petit Lulu brand. He created the e-shop, marketing materials and the brand logo. By that time, Mrs. Lucie had had her second son, Hugo, and Lucie no longer had to make the diapers personally. The firm welcomed its new manufacturing employees, numbering as many as 12 in 2016.

Currently, our firm has around 35 permanent employees. We have modern machinery and rank among leading European and world cloth diaper manufacturers. Our portfolio, however, includes also other items, the lineup of which steadily expands. 70 % of our production is designated for export, especially to Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and other major European countries. But our products are sold also in Canada, Faroe Islands, Malta, Tanzania and many other countries.

Our journey

From the start of our firm, we have been following the environmental, zero waste and socially responsible course. And we are proud of it


- using of single-use diapers has a serious negative impact on the environment. Therefore, we are glad to offer a product, which is permanent, reusable and compatible with environmentally responsible philosophy.

Proprietary Fluffy Organic product line

- based upon natural properties of terrycloth made of bamboo and bio-cotton, these diapers are ideal for babies with allergies or eczema. Furthermore, such materials do not burden the environment in any way.


- while manufacturing our products, we also take the environmentally and socially responsible route. We build upon modern technologies, such as the so-called cutter that eliminates waste production and unnecessary leftovers in general. We keep a slim production and use all materials to their full potential. We use leftovers to produce smaller items such as makeup removal pads, sanitary napkins or nursing pads. If – despite all the effort – there are still some leftovers remaining, they are used for child safety seat padding


- any leftovers are provided for further processing regularly and free of charge. During the pandemics, we made and distributed face masks at important venues, especially to medics. We provided facemasks to the emergency services of Liberec Region and to retirement homes.

Team of Petit Lulu

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