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What's happening here
We launched a new brand - WAMU13.10.2022

We launched a new brand - WAMU

In September 2022, we launched our new brand, WAMU, so you can continue with us after your baby grows out of nappies. WAMU is a Czech ethical brand o...

Our videos are online!05.09.2022

Our videos are online!

Over the past few days we have posted all our new videos - Using Cloth Nappies in 3 easy steps. In total, you can watch 4 episodes that explain how ea...

No more high shipping prices!06.06.2022

No more high shipping prices!

No more high shipping prices! We have arranged a new, more favourable carrier for you! FREE shipping on orders from 59 EUR!  Valid for Germany, ...

We welcome new designs!24.03.2022

We welcome new designs!

We are slowly moving to recycled material for our PUL products. That's why the new collection for 2022 is made using eco-friendly recycling! You can...

DE shop is online NOW!20.03.2022

DE shop is online NOW!

We are still growing! And not only in the Czech Republic! Because our nappies are popular all over the world, we have to make them more available to...

We are among the TOP 50 fastest growing companies!26.11.2021

We are among the TOP 50 fastest growing companies!

We are among the TOP 50 fastest growing companies! Sometimes it's not easy, but we're glad that hard work pays off! We have been ranked in the prest...

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