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We launched a new brand - WAMU


In September 2022, we launched our new brand, WAMU, so you can continue with us after your baby grows out of nappies.
WAMU is a Czech ethical brand of sustainable functional clothing for children. The range includes jackets and trousers made from recycled softshell and accessories made from sustainable materials.
You can shop WAMU on the Petit Lulu website if you want to buy diapers as well, but it also has its own e-store.

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For DE -

You can also follow us on social media, on Instagram as wamu_clothing and on Facebook at WAMU Clothing.
As well as Petit Lulu, we also sew WAMU products in the Czech Republic, here in Jablonec nad Nisou.
Be sure to keep an eye on us, WAMU clothing offers the quality you're used to with our diapers, but also playful designs you won't find in regular functional clothing.



We launched a new brand - WAMU
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