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Eco-friendly production


Using reusable nappies goes hand in hand with the zero waste trend. 

Waste minimization in the production, but also in the overall approach to the environment

is essential for Petit Lulu and its employees.


These are the most important points of our ecologic production:


The use of Cutter

The CNC cutting machine not only increases the quality of individual cuts, because it is maximally accurate but also allows us the maximum material yield and thus minimizes its residues.


Lean manufacturing

Thanks to this production planning methodology, there is no unnecessary waste.


Use of residual material

If there is anything left over from the production, we release these residues for further production or we use them efficiently.


Life inside the company

Whatever we do, we try to be environmentally friendly. Whether it's recycling waste, using already used boxes, printing documents double-sided, or reusing scrap paper.


You will find more interesting things about our eco-friendly production in the forthcoming article.

Eco-friendly production
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