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Geckos - Pocket Nappy (Snaps)
Fluffy Organic
Geckos - Pocket Nappy (Snaps)
Geckos - Pocket Nappy (Snaps)
Geckos - Pocket Nappy (Snaps)
Geckos - Pocket Nappy (Snaps)
Geckos - Pocket Nappy (Snaps)
Geckos - Pocket Nappy (Snaps)
Geckos - Pocket Nappy (Snaps)

Geckos - Pocket Nappy (Snaps)

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Pocket Nappy  - Snaps - Geckos

The Pocket Nappy offers very easy changing - similar to disposable nappy.

- One-size nappy (5-16 kg) adjustable by sizing snaps

- A biocotton pocket is attached to a Cover.The pocket is to be stuffed from the front and contains a short and a long bamboo-biocotton terry insert.

- Design of the Cover did not change for its popularity, and the proven extra soft fleece hem isn’t missing either.

- The nappy is unique on the market, because the biocotton part is not sewn under the hem in the wettest area around legs, which prevents the fleece hem from soaking and makes drying faster.

 - It can be combined with other Petit Lulu systems - you simply stuff the pocket with SIO basic START, PLUS or e.g. Prefold nappy

- Fluffy Organic design, a combination of softness of the bamboo-biocotton terry (Fluffy) and the biocotton contact layer (Organic)

- The Cover is underlaid by second PUL layer for better performance.

- Special leg gussets inside the nappy do seal better which prevents leaks.

For night time, we recommend using in combination with SIO basic START or PLUS insert.

Material Composition

Outer layer : 100% polyester (laminated with polyurethane), fleece hem.

Inner layer : 100% cotton (organic)


Inserts : 60% viscose (bamboo), 40% cotton (organic)


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Size5-16 kg
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