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Mesh Laundry Bag - Large
Mesh Laundry Bag - Large
Mesh Laundry Bag - Large

Mesh Laundry Bag - Large

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Orders are shipped within 24 hours !
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Mesh Laundry Bag - Large

approx. 54 x 64 cm

100% polyester

Ideal assistant to store and wash cloth nappies etc. How to use : Put the bag into your nappy pail and fix it on the top by drawstrings. The Hook & Loops must be fastened to their counterparts to prevent the hooks from tearing the mesh. When it gets to laundry time, move the entire bag together with its content into your machine. We recommend leaving the bag fully opened, so that the nappies can jump out during the washing to get washed and rinsed thoroughly. Buying two bags makes handling dirty nappies easier when the other one is being washed.

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