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Newborn Pack - Unisex
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Newborn Pack - Unisex

117,25 EUR excl. VAT 141,87 EUR incl. VAT145,00 EUR
In Stock

This Newborn Pack is intended for changing the newborns (as well as premature babies) and covers approx. 1 day.

Newborn Pack comprises :

3x Newborn Nappy (snaps)

3x Newborn Nappy (snaps) Fluffy Organic

2x Newborn Cover (Hook and Loop)

The set consists of these patterns:

Newborn Nappy:

- Autumn Hedgies

- Savanna

- Fruit Garden

Newborn Nappy Fluffy Organic:

- Monkey Business

- Apples

- Good Night

Newborn Cover:

- Forest Animals

- Prehistoric Times

You will save €15,20 (the total if the products are bought individually is €160,20) and get a Nappy Belt for free

The 5% discount (for orders of more than 249,- €) does not apply to any of our kits/packs.

Size2-6 kg
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