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One Size Prefold with PUL Flaps

  • Guarantee that no liquid leaks out of the nappy.

  • They are made of a waterproof but breathable PUL material that ensures no leaks.

  • The Petit Lulu Prefold Covers with PUL flaps have fleece edges to protect against the leaks, and they are extra soft so they leave no marks on the delicate baby's skin.

  • As well as classic One-size Covers, you will use them throughout the nappy-wearing season of your baby. They can be adjusted to size S, M, L using the snaps on the front rise. The Covers are designed to fit most babies between 5-16 kg, according to the child's proportions.

  • Petit Lulu Prefold Covers with pockets ensure that changing nappies will be easier than ever thanks to the simple insertion of a prefold, muslin square etc. in the pocket.

  • To understand the overall system of changing cloth nappies, we recommend watching the entire series of Using Cloth Nappies in Three Easy Steps videos.
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