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Snap In One (SIO) Nappies (new version)

  • SIO (snap-in one) is a special nappy insert called the nappy base. You simply attach this nappy insert to One Size Cover (by snaps) and you get an “ All-in-One” nappy! You only change the insert in the cover.
-20 %
Long Insert for Minimal Nappy

Long Insert for Minimal Nappy

In Stock 61 pcs
7,60 EUR incl. VAT9,50 EUR
-28 %
1 pc SIO basic1 pc SIO basic

1 pc SIO basic

In Stock 50 pcs
10,01 EUR incl. VAT13,90 EUR
3 pcs. SIO basic3 pcs. SIO basic

3 pcs. SIO basic

In Stock 46 pcs
38,90 EUR incl. VAT
-30 %
SIO basic START  1 pcSIO basic START  1 pc

SIO basic START 1 pc

In Stock 78 pcs
12,53 EUR incl. VAT17,90 EUR
SIO basic START 2 pcs.SIO basic START 2 pcs.

SIO basic START 2 pcs.

In Stock 33 pcs
34,90 EUR incl. VAT
SIO basic START 6 pcs.SIO basic START 6 pcs.

SIO basic START 6 pcs.

In Stock 15 pcs
101,90 EUR incl. VAT
SIO basic START 10 pcs.SIO basic START 10 pcs.

SIO basic START 10 pcs.

In Stock 12 pcs
159,90 EUR incl. VAT
-25 %
SIO basic PLUS 1 pcSIO basic PLUS 1 pc

SIO basic PLUS 1 pc

In Stock 94 pcs
14,18 EUR incl. VAT18,90 EUR
SIO basic PLUS 2 pcsSIO basic PLUS 2 pcs

SIO basic PLUS 2 pcs

In Stock 28 pcs
35,90 EUR incl. VAT
SIO basic PLUS 6 pcsSIO basic PLUS 6 pcs

SIO basic PLUS 6 pcs

In Stock 21 pcs
106,90 EUR incl. VAT
SIO basic PLUS 10 pcsSIO basic PLUS 10 pcs

SIO basic PLUS 10 pcs

In Stock 22 pcs
168,90 EUR incl. VAT
-20 %
Short insert (SIO) 1 pcShort insert (SIO) 1 pc

Short insert (SIO) 1 pc

In Stock 34 pcs
5,52 EUR incl. VAT6,90 EUR
Short insert (SIO) 6 pcsShort insert (SIO) 6 pcs

Short insert (SIO) 6 pcs

In Stock 23 pcs
37,90 EUR incl. VAT
-30 %
Long insert (SIO) 1 pcLong insert (SIO) 1 pc

Long insert (SIO) 1 pc

In Stock 29 pcs
6,23 EUR incl. VAT8,90 EUR
Long insert (SIO) 6 pcsLong insert (SIO) 6 pcs

Long insert (SIO) 6 pcs

In Stock 19 pcs
47,90 EUR incl. VAT
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