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1 pc SIO basic
1 pc SIO basic
1 pc SIO basic
1 pc SIO basic

1 pc SIO basic

13,97 EUR excl. VAT 16,90 EUR incl. VAT
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SIO basic is a special nappy insert called nappy base. You simply attach this nappy insert to One Size Cover (by snaps) and you get an All-in-One nappy!

You only change the insert in the cover. You can start using it right after the birth and the insert will be sufficient until up to approx. 6 months. In this age of your child, you can only fold it so that it fits to our Newborn Cover.

Once you need to boost the base absorbency, you just attach an Insert - SIO (START) or long (PLUS). Nappy Insert SIO basic - used individually, it is suitable for day-changing - dries easily (can be spread when line-drying) - has wings to seal around the baby’s legs to protect the Cover from being dirtied - is very absorbent

This new version of the base is in a brand new cut, which is narrowed at the back, and due to the material used (Czech bamboo BIO terry) its top absorbency is maintained. Thanks to the reduced volume, it makes children "little butts" smaller and allows better freedom of movement.
Only one snap is used to fasten a short and long insert, so it makes the changing process easier and faster.
ATTENTION the waterproof Cover is not part of SIO basic.   Material: 60% viscose (bamboo), 40% cotton (organic) (4 layers)
Learn more about maintenance.
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