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Chilling Sloth - Pull-Up Cover
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Chilling Sloth - Pull-Up Cover
Chilling Sloth - Pull-Up Cover

Chilling Sloth- Pull-Up Cover - Small

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Pull-Up Cover - Chilling Sloth

Petit Lulu Pull-up Covers are very easy to put on, and they guarantee maximum freedom of movement. You can enjoy carefree days and nights in the Chilling Sloth pattern  - made of premium PUL. 

  • available in 4 sizes for the perfect fit: S, M, L, XL

  • it’s easy to put on - even on a very active child

  • waterproof  but breathable cover/wrap

  • made of recycled PUL that save the nature
  • medium-wide shape

  • suitable primarily forfitted nappies, but can work withsquares orprefolds, too (when fastened by snappi)

  • the fleece cuffs are very sensitive to a child’s legs and tummy – no marks on the skin

  • the fleece is also a great insulator – no leaking or soaking



    Material: 100% recycled polyester (laminated with polyurethane), fleece cuffs. 


    Size Weight Waist Girth Thigh Girth Rise*
    X-Small ca. 2,5-4,5 kg 26-38 cm 14-20 cm 43 cm
    Small ca. 4-7 kg 30-40 cm 16-24 cm 46 cm
    Medium ca. 6-10 kg 34-44 cm 20-26 cm 51 cm
    Large ca. 9-13 kg 36-50 cm 24-32 cm 56 cm
    X-Large ca. 12 kg 38-54 cm 26-40 cm 60 cm


     *Rise includes the fleece cuffs.




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