Pink - One Size Cover (Snaps)
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Pink - One Size Cover (Snaps)
Pink - One Size Cover (Snaps)
Pink - One Size Cover (Snaps)

Pink - One Size Cover (Snaps)

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One-Size Cover

Waterproof  but breathable cover/wrap (5 -16 kg according to child’s proportions).

- can be adjusted to Small, Medium and Large size thanks to the snaps

- the snaps are underlaid by suedecloth and the Hook & Loop by second PUL layer - all this to prolong the product lifespan and for its better performance

- the fleece hems are very sensitive to child’s legs and tummy - no marks on the skin - the fleece is also a great insulator - no leaking

 - medium-wide shape

 - suitable for squares, prefolds, or almost any other cloth nappy (ever our Maxi Night Nappy)

Material: 100% polyester (laminated with polyurethane), fleece hem

They are specially adapted to our SIO system.



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